I've indulged in a slow start to the new year... Ben was on holidays until last week so we spent a lot of time enjoying our little family. We went on picnics, visited the beach and explored new parks and areas in our little part of the country. That's not to say we didn't get much done... we did quite a bit! We completed another room in the house (floorboards partially replaced, entire floor sanded and refinished, walls gap filled and painted and air conditioning installed) and started on another. We had the plumbing replaced and the laundry reconfigured (though it's still far from a pretty space to look at), solar power installed and, as always, we continued to tackle weeds and work in the yard/garden.
I've slowed down on creating yarn for the shop as I need the time to make a few things for my growing family. I'll aim to spin an extra skein or 2 on top of what I need for my own projects and list those as I go but I won't be taking on any new commissions for the foreseeable future. Lessons will still be available over the next couple of months simply get in touch to book in (if you don't have a wheel I can provide one for the lesson). 

On the weaving side of things my big loom has been rehomed to make room for a new loom, which will arrive in a couple of months. It's a large investment but will enable me to more comfortably weave (I have early onset arthritis in my lower spine and a few other joints) as I won't have to climb into/under the loom to arrange the tie up for each new pattern. As it will have a bit of a learning curve and it's not due to arrive until a little bit before our baby does I don't anticipate having any woven cloth for sale this year but I hope to find the time in 2022 to produce a few small runs for the shop. We shall see!
As much as I love having set plans/goals I'm at a point where I don't want to really commit myself to anything concrete plan/schedule wise with the shop for the next year or 3 as I simply don't know how I'll go for time when I have 2 little ones underfoot. I'm a stay at home mum to them first and foremost and, as we don't use daycare or have any help outside of each other I really do just fit it in where I can. I've been very fortunate thus far to have continued to have found the time to continue to get a rather large amount of projects completed and I really hope I'll get to sneak at least an hour most days to create for both myself and the shop. It's all a big unknown adventure at this point and I hope you'll stick around to see how this all evolves :)
If you have any wonderful suggestions for juggling a toddler, baby and work from home please share <3  

Below are some images from our major house project over the holidays, snippets of our garden and some projects I've been working on. 
this darling home renovation

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