About Me

Meet the maker.

I'm Samantha Gehrmann, a wife, mother, textile artist and photographer. Ben, our 2 children and our furkids are the loves of my life.

We moved to the country from the city in 2018 because we fell in love with an old headmasters house (Circa 1888) and the community surrounding it. Together, in our little home in the country, we are aiming to create a simple and joyful life compiled of family adventures, fresh air, greenery and a whole lot of love.

Luckily, this home of ours came complete with plenty of room for my looms and spinning wheels. So, when I’m not in the garden or baking or running around with our children and hounds I’m often found creating hand spun yarns, knitting and weaving textiles. Amongst the pages of this site you are able to purchase my small batch hand spun yarns and handwoven textiles. All made from natural luxury fibers.

I welcome everyone: all ages, races, religions, countries of origin, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities.  I hope you find these pages, that document our lives, entertaining, informative, raw, honest and that you’re left with the feeling of having spent some time with a good friend over a cup of tea. It's a little bit of everything of me... my thoughts, my experiences, my makes.
Samantha Gehrmann, a woman in a handing grey sweater, stands holding her blonde son on her hip and her daughter stands cuddling into her legs