Effervescent Mini

Aimee Sher Makes is known for her exquisite hand-knit patterns, and this effervescent mini sweater is no exception. I knit this piece per instructions with no modifications other than length.  Using Skein Yarn in hydrangea (uptown sock base) and sea glass (mohair/silk - ruffle) colourways, this sweater for littles was a delight to knit. The gorgeous colours from the yarn and intricate pattern make it such a unique and special piece.

This sweater was made for my daughter, who handpicked the colors and pattern for the design. This collaboration resulted in a truly personalized and one-of-a-kind garment that she is so excited to wear.

Additional personal notes: I don't often knit bottom up and if I make this again I'll likely add even more length for my daughter's height and also I knit the size 8 but needed less than 2 skeins of the main yarn. I have a leftover skein which I'll likely turn into socks but FYI as I know some yarns can be a strain on budgets. Your yardage may differ but that was my personal experience :) 

Continue on to see images from start to finish of this sweater. 
Skeins of blue/green yarn lay in a pileyarn is wound from a ball winder from a wooden umbrella swift. The table is covered with various crafting paraphernaliaa woman's hand holds a cake of yarn in a soft blue/green colourdogs lick each other over the top of a boy reading a book while yarn and knitting lay in the foregroundoverview photo of sleeves being knit on copper circular knitting needlesa golden retriever lays yawning against owners leg as you see her hands knitting variegated yarnoverhead shot of a woman's hands knitting a child sweater in variegated blue and green yarn while a golden retriever dog lays alongside hera young blonde girl stands sideways to the camera joyfully holding a ball of yarn attached to the unfinished sweater she is trying on for fitback view of an unfinished sweater which is held on circular knitting needles during a fit check on a young girlclose up of ruffle and hand knit effervescent mini sweater as young blonde girl looks to leftfull view of effervescent mini sweater including optional ruffle.a young girl in her hand knit sweater is licked by her golden retriever dogyoung blonde girl in hand knit sweater sits with a golden retriever dog on a lawnyoung blonde girl sitting and looking into the camera to show off hand knit sweateryoung blonde girl looking up to the right shot from behind to show lace and ruffle detail on back of sweaterclose up of ruffle and lace work on effervescent mini sweatergirls hands feel detail on hand knit sweateryoung girl modeling hand knit sweater in variegated blue and green yarnview from behind of effervescent mini sweater including the optional ruffle


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