Gib Sweater

I've been busy knitting the Gib Sweater by Andrea Mowry for a good part of the Australian summer and I'm happy to report it's off my needles and into storage (a couple of months until it's cold enough her for it to be worn). Ben was a good sport and modelled it for me before it went away... thankfully it was a sub 30C day when I cast off. 

Aside from knitting I've been busy settling into a new remote work position (along with my photography and attempting (and failing because personal projects have been more alluring) to get some work happening for my own shop. Perhaps I'll spin the rest of this bale and offer some hand-spun yarn. There're a few hundred grams remaining begging to be spun... at some point (I may have already had some other fluff fall onto my wheel).

We've also had our daughter (and family) settling into the rhythm of school life and have been expanding the chicken coop as we had some new ladies (and a gentleman) join us, a valentines day gift for the littles. We're looking forward to our first green shelled eggs. 
The summer heat seems to be dissipating day by day as we approach autumn but the humidity remains oppressive in the lead up. I cannot wait for the kinds of days that you can spend the entire day outside or curled up crafting but I also don't want to wish away time.

Anyway enough about life at present. The details for those following along who also like to make their own from scratch are as follows... I sourced this beautiful fluff from the Aussie Bale Project, spun into into a 3 ply (using a semi woollen technique i.e. I spun combed top long draw from the fold) on my Schacht Matchless and then knit it up with my Lykke CYPRA needles. It was an absolutely delightful pattern to knit. Simple enough when established that I could relatively easily potter about watching the littles play or indulging in some tv (Ben and I are binging For All Mankind at the moment) while I knit but with enough variation and techniques thrown in to keep it interesting. 
P.S. you'll notice the username change on instagram to @justyoumeandthedogs which many of you might remember from several years ago. I just want to see if using a name other than my own helps boost engagement and I was always fond of this one. 
Woman in a green dress holding arms full of grey combed top and handspun yarn
flat lay grey textured sweater in progress using handspun yarnclose up of purl, knit and cable stitches in grey handspun yarnprogress photo of a grey handspun and hand knit sweater. It hangs on an external French door from a coat hanger and still needs the sleeves knittwo English cream golden retrievers play around a handspun and knit sweater in progress as it sits on a chairbearded man in his 30s with a slight smile and clasped hands looking at the camera while wearing a handspun and knit sweater. He is standing in front of a gardenseries of 4 photos of a man and his daughter as both wear handspun and knit itemsfather embracing daughter while wearing a grey handspun sweaterbearded man pats and plays with an English cream golden retriever dogblack and white photo of a man kissing his daughter on the cheek. both wear handspun and knit garments

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