Handwoven Scarf

I can't quite believe I managed to get this commissioned piece woven amongst the busyness of life with a toddler and a 2 month old. I'm so glad I persevered as I absolutely love it and am quite sad I didn't make one for my own wardrobe at the same time... maybe I'll make one for me in a few months (or a year or 2) when I get more regular time with the bigger looms :) 

For my fellow weavers this is a 16 shaft draft from the book Janna Weaves by Janna van Ledden. I used Venne organic merino for warp and weft sett 30epi.

this darling home winding warp for custom handwoven scarfthis darling home  handwoven scarf warp wound onto sectional beam of louet megado loomthis darling home  wound warp on the loomthis darling home handwaving scarf on 16 shaft loomthis darling home custom handwoven scarf during finishingthis darling home  finished handwoven scarf

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