March Makes

I spent March making yarn for others... the brown/grey pictured is a mystery wool (I don't know what kind of sheep it came off) and it spun up into a lovely rustic 2 ply. Some of which I'll use in a woven scarf and the rest will be sent off with the scarf to the recipient to be knit into whatever project they desire. I'll share photos of the weaving process once it begins (I'm waiting on my Megado loom to arrive and crossing my fingers and toes it's not on one of the big ships backed up behind Ever Given, the giant ship currently blocking the Suez Canal).
The white/ecru in the photographs is a merino/cashmere and alpaca blend created for a client to knit into a sweater... it is going to be one seriously soft and squishy sweater! It was like spinning a cloud. Please note that these are my last commissions for awhile as we count down to the arrival of our second child. I'll endeavour to spin some yarn for the shop and I welcome suggestions for the types of yarns you'd like to see, 
I didn't accomplish much else craft wise after being so ill for over a week. I'm mostly better though still nursing a bit of a chest infection and really appreciate all of you who have been checking in on me. It can get a bit lonely out here at times, especially when having to isolate, so I've  really loved those little extra moments of connection with you all. 
We did finally get some proper chain mesh installed on the fence and we  had some gorgeous rain throughout the month so I'm happy to report all of our tanks are full for the first time since we moved in almost 3 years ago and everything is just thriving... we can't keep up with the lawn mowing and there is so much new growth on all of the plants. Winter tends to get very dry here so it's going to be so wonderful going into it with a better supply of rain water. We can truck water in if need be but we get so much satisfaction out of using our own supply. 
Scroll through for photos of fencing, yarn, gardening and snippets of our life.
this darling home building.a fencethis darling home chain mesh country style fencethis darling home splicing a fence and attaching it to post and rails diy fence constructionthis darling home roses from the garden after rainthis darling home commissioned handspun Australian wool yarn this darling home skeins of brown/grey handspun wool yarn. It was spun for a commission and is destined to be woven into a scarfthis darling home rainy day toddler activities including egg carton daffodils, mowing the lawn with dad, visits from nanny and photographing a magnolia flower
this darling home motorised skein winder and mother and daughter spinning yarn on a woolee Ann espinnertoddler holding large skeins of Australian  handspun wool yarn

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