On the loom

I've been very busy crafting these past couple of weeks... yarn has been spun, a sweater has been started and I just completed a handwoven scarf! It's been awhile since I've had a project on the loom but for the past couple of weeks I've made the effort to get the loom dressed so I could weave a scarf for Sarah who is the woman behind The Leathermans Wife.  I highly recommend checking out her Instagram and etsy for beautifully crafted leather goods and knitting notions.

Weaving has a process and a rhythm to it which I find relaxing but it's incredibly time consuming and not particularly safe for little ones to be around which is why I don't do a lot of weaving at the present time (Magnolia likes to use the floor loom as a jungle gym). I managed to squeeze in an hour most days while she napped or after Ben got home from work to wind the warp, thread the heddles and sley the reed and then Ben and Magnolia spent a lot of time together over the weekend so I could get the main event (throwing the shuttle backwards and forwards while dancing between 8 treadles) completed. It wasn't all work though... we've actually had some rain here so playing in mud puddles was an essential activity when I took breaks.

Some of the yarns I finished are available over in the shop 
Photos of weaving, some yarns I made and some rainy day fun below...

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