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It's been awhile since I last journaled any of my makes outside of instagram or the Making app as I find it much more difficult to find the time to sit and type than I do to make or garden with the littles. I thought I'd share a few photos of my very recently finished Sora Kids Vest designed by Rou Hea Knits and knit up in a gorgeous Circus Tonic Handmade Yarn sock set (technically the wrong size yarn for this pattern but it still worked well)  and also the  Botanical Yoke Dog Sweater worked up in Good Wool for Rhys...
I'll be back to the wheel for awhile to produce some yarn to make a sweater for myself out of some beautiful naturally coloured Australian grown and processed wool. 
I'm still firmly in the midst of family life with 2 under 5 at home so you'll notice the shop staying dormant for awhile yet while I use my precious little crafting time for personal makes. I'll continue to post the odd handwoven item on instagram for now and will one day get around to reopening the web shop properly. You can also email me directly if you'd like to order or obtain a quote on any Schacht products. 
I hope you enjoy these images! I had a wonderful time making these items as I could knit and follow the littles around at the same time so every stitch carries memories of our days whether inside telling stories by the fire or whether outside feeding chickens and creating new spaces for fairies to live xx 
Series of 4 photo of a young boy patting and being licked by a golden retriever dog as he sits on a bed in a hand knit blue vestunfinished knitting (a children's vest) sits on a table as children play in the background

young boy smiles up at the camera while showing off his new hand knit vestclose up photo of hand knit fabric which makes up a blue child sized vest
2 children play on a bed with golden retrievers
 black Labrador in hand knit sweaterblack Labrador in hand knit sweatergolden retriever cuddled up as a woman knitsgirl holds a hand knit dog sweater

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