Shiny new things coming soon...

this darling home handspun yarn on schacht matchless
I've been busy working away on a big decision and I'm finally ready (and so very excited) to announce that I'll soon be stocking a range of Schacht Spindle Co products in my studio. This company produces beautifully made looms and spinning wheels (I'm sure most of you know my favourite wheel is the Schacht Matchless). Some items will require preorder, such as the floor looms, but I intend to have at least one of most items in the studio for you to try. I'm expecting my first delivery (a Baby Wolf loom, accessories and some small looms) in June and will add stock, including their range of spinning wheels, to the studio as able.

In late spring, following my parental leave, I'll open my studio (located in Ma Ma Creek, QLD, Australia) to visitors once a month, to coincide with the Ma Ma Creek Community markets. You'll be able to view (and even try) some of the Schacht Spindle Co. products in person along with being able to shop my handwoven textiles and handspun yarns.  In the meantime you can get in touch to book an appointment to visit. 

If you can't make it to the studio, Schacht Spindle Co products will also be available to purchase via this website. I'll let you know when I've started to add them (after my first shipment arrives in a few weeks). In the meantime, if you already have a product in mind please get in touch and I can provide you with a quote.

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