Sweaters for Ben and Magnolia

One of my favourite things about making is making for my family... it brings me joy to see something that's passed through my fingers keeping those I love warm and cozy.  

Last year I participated in an event called Spin Together. My personal goal for the event was to spin through enough charcoal Aussie Bale Project fluff to knit into a sweater for Ben. I ended up exceeding my goal and had plenty left over to make a sweater for Magnolia and even a beanie for me! 

Here are the more technical details for the spinners/knitters out there! I spun a 3 ply worsted weight yarn from a charcoal bale produced by the Aussie Bale Project. The yarn was spun long draw/woollen from combed top to make a "semi" yarn (my favourite for sweaters as the yarn is light and warm but strong and hardwearing). Ben chose the Barrett pattern by Brooklyn Tweed for his sweater and I chose the Antler pattern by Tin Can Knits for Magnolias sweater. I also knit a Magnolia beanie by Camilla Vad for myself but it seems to have gone walk about so isn't pictured below. 
Scroll through to see the journey from raw fleece to finished sweaters. 
arms holding skeins of handspun yarn and unspun charcoal coloured combed top

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